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DCS Copy Protection Ltd

DCS Copy Protection Ltd (DCS) has developed and deployed analogue copy protection technology for Cable, Satellite and IPTV markets worldwide. DCS offers content owners a choice for copy protection with a flexible, easy-to-use, customer-centric business model.

DCS’s patented Analogue Copy Protection (ACP) solution enables content owners to prevent unauthorized duplication of movies and TV shows.

DCS Copy Protection Ltd works with chip manufacturers, set-top box companies, operators and content owners to deploy copy protection on multiple devices at a low price point and without administrative overhead.

DCS Copy Protection Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of

If you are looking for a cost effective Analogue Copy Protection solution for your Digital TV roll out then contact DCS on +44 (0)1535 659300

DCS Deployment Update

DCS is currently available in 47 Chips from manufacturers such as Broadcom, ST, Trident and Renesas.

Latest News

Over the past few months DCS Copy Protection Ltd have been working tirelessly with our chip vendor partners to more than triple the number of chips that are DCS compliant. There are now over 50 chips that are DCS compliant with even more in test with a number coming from yet to be announced chip vendors.

If you are in the process of making that call on Analogue Copy protection and think the only option is the one from that “other” ACP company then think again.

Contact us and let us quote you on a great cost effective solution to Analogue Copy Protection in the digital age, in partnership with one of our Chip Manufacturers.

Trade Shows

Here is a list of Trade Shows, where DCS will be attending.
  • IBC
    • Dates: 10th September - 14th September 2010
    • Call for an appointment to meet the DCS team
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