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Success for DCS Copy Protection Ltd at IBC at DCS Copy Protection Ltd

Press Release: Steeton, UK, 9th October 2009.


Success for DCS Copy Protection Ltd at IBC


  • DCS Copy Protection’s technology available in the majority of new chip and set top box models seen at IBC for Pay-TV.

  • DCS Copy Protection provides cost effective competition to Macrovision / Rovi.


Chip vendors are extremely keen to integrate our technology,” said DCS Copy Protection’s Business Development Manager. “With vendors such as Broadcom, NEC, NXP, and ST already shipping DCS Copy Protection certified devices, and many other vendors already integrating the DCS Copy Protection technology into their current and next generation SOCs, we’ve had a busy show, meeting with our existing technology partners, and being invited to meet with some exciting new entrants to the STB SOC market place.”

“For me, the most gratifying aspect of the 2009 show is that the hard work and dedication of the DCS Copy Protection team has visibly paid off,” enthused Dr David Robinson, DCS Copy Protection’s Technology Manager. “Just two years ago, DCS Copy Protection technology was only available in a minority of chips, but our ASIC design specialists and compliance engineers have been working flat out with the world’s major chip vendors to bring DCS Copy Protection to the majority of the market. In this show, the vast majority of STBs on display contain chipsets which have been certified by DCS Copy Protection. As a result, almost all manufacturers of Pay-TV STBs are ready to supply DCS Copy Protection enabled STBs at the demand of network operators, be they cable, satellite, or IP based.”

Operators have always understood that DCS Copy Protection could save them money, and some of the world’s biggest operators are already specifying DCS Copy Protection in their STBs. Now the technology infrastructure is in place to enable all operators to make those cost savings with the set top boxes they are deploying right now. There is no need to wait for next generation products – DCS Copy Protection enabled chips are drop in replacements for the same model without DCS Copy Protection. Operators simply need to agree competitive terms with DCS Copy Protection, and then include DCS Copy Protection in their STB requirements.


About DCS Copy Protection Ltd

DCS Copy Protection provides technology to secure the analogue outputs of digital set top boxes. When Hollywood studios supply high value content to Pay-TV operators, they demand effective content security. To secure access to premium movies in an early release window, Pay-TV operators must satisfy studio contractual requirements for protection. In the same way that digital outputs must be protected using HDPC, analogue outputs must be secured using Analogue Copy Protection. DCS Copy Protection provides the studio approved, cost effective Analogue Copy Protection for Pay-TV operators world wide.