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Technology at DCS Copy Protection Ltd


The DCS Copy Protection Technology

DCS’ patented, studio approved, technology protects content from unauthorized duplication. DCS technology prevents digital content from being copied via analogue connections, e.g. from a STB onto a DVD recorder or PVR.

DCS focuses on two essential performance areas for the deployment is its product: playability and effectiveness.

Playability indicates the transparency of the copy protection when the signal is viewed on an authorized device such as a flat screen TV, a projector, or a conventional CRT TV. It is essential that the viewer should be unaware of the presence of DCS copy protection when they are legally watching the content. DCS works hard to ensure that its product maintains the highest possible effectiveness without interfering with the viewing experience. Your customer’s experience is important to us.

Effectiveness indicates the level of disruption caused by the protection when a user attempts to illegally copy the protected content on a recording device such as a DVD recorder, PVR, or analogue VCR. Our process is designed so that on the user cannot obtain a watchable recording from a signal protected with DCS copy protection.

DCS’ copy protection technology achieves maximum effectiveness while not interfering with playability. DCS’s products are the most effective in the marketplace. Our patented technology works with PAL, NTSC and HDTV to deliver a clearer TV picture for legal playback by consumers and a higher level of distortion on illegal copy and playback.

DCS understands that market conditions change and continue to evolve. Our customers are deploying new devices on a regular basis and there are several participants in the value chain who must balance the needs of existing deployments with the features of new devices being developed. DCS concerns itself with some key strategic issues when it comes to developing, deploying and maintaining its technology.

    1. There is an ever expanding range of CE devices in the marketplace based on a wide range of technologies. Truly effective copy protection strategy must recognize this and accommodate a diverse group of products.
    2. Playability must be excellent on all viewing products in any viewing environment.
    3. Effectiveness must prevent unauthorized copying of content.
    4. It must be difficult to defeat.

There is a balance to be achieved in obtaining maximum playability and effectiveness. DCS has adopted a multi-layered approach to effect this balance.
DCS uses a multi-element copy protection strategy consisting of multiple modifications of the analogue video signal. This balanced approach enables DCS to offer maximum effectiveness without disrupting playability. This approach allows DCS to accommodate a broad range of CE products. Since there are multiple layers to the algorithm it also makes defeating the technology much more difficult than a single process approach.