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Company Profile at DCS Copy Protection Ltd

Company Profile
DCS Copy Protection Ltd Limited (DCS) is a technology company that designs and develops proprietary copy protection technologies for a wide range of pre-recorded material. It specializes in addressing the vulnerability to piracy of analogue outputs in consumer electronic devices like DVD players and set-top boxes.

DCS’ patented technology inhibits the unauthorized recording of copyrighted content, specifically feature films, through analogue outputs. Typically DCS’ products are licensed to prevent unauthorized copying of movies through Video on Demand.

The problem of illegal copying has been quantified internationally as costing the major entertainment companies billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. DCS’ focus is on illegal consumer copying.

DCS’ products are the most effective in the marketplace. They give a clearer TV picture when the protected content is played legally and they give a higher level of distortion when the protected content is illegally copied and played. DCS’ patented technology achieves this level of effectiveness for both the NTSC and PAL standards.
DCS prides itself on its strong working relationships with all of the major Hollywood Studios, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and other industry bodies.

DCS has changed the dynamics of the relationship between Studios and copy protection companies. DCS’ has formed working partnerships with each of the Studios. DCS’ focus is on understanding the Studio’s requirements for new copy protection technologies and new business models. DCS’ business objective is to use this knowledge to develop cost effective products that prevent piracy.

DCS is extending this partnership to content service providers, consumer electronics companies and technology providers. DCS is actively listening to their requirements so that DCS’ copy protection compliments their technology.

DCS has assembled a team of experienced and accomplished industry professionals to achieve its goals. They combine experience in developing businesses on an international basis and in developing world class technologies.

DCS has forged links with universities, research facilities and the academic community to insure its products use modern, state of the art principals and do not rely on outdated technologies.

DCS Copy Protection Ltd is a UK registered company (Co No 4667708). Our registered office is at Beckside Design Centre, Station Road, Steeton, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6QW, UK.