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About at DCS Copy Protection Ltd

DCS is a technology company focussed on developing audio-visual anti piracy technologies.

We deliver:

  • a cooperative and flexible approach
  • the most cost-effective and straight-forward licensing model
  • highly effective tried and tested technology.

Innovation from partnership

DCS has a philosophy derived from cooperation. We see customers, licensees and other technology companies as partners. By partnering with companies we understand their requirements and concerns which allows us to consistently exceed expectation. Technologies »

Cooperation and support

We are extending this partnership across the content delivery space: content service providers, consumer electronic companies, technology companies and more. We cooperate so our copy protection compliments their technology. We provide support throught implementation to ensure compliance. Services »


We have assembled a team of experienced and accomplished industry professionals. They combine business focus with world-class research and development. Our links with research facilities and the academic community ensure that our products remain state-of-the-art. Team »

Global reach

DCS is a UK registered,company that is a wholy owned subsiduary of the Echostar Corporation www.echostar.com. Contact »